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0004410Slicer4Core: Segmentationpublic2018-07-21 14:47
Reporterfedorov Assigned Topinter  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionSlicer 4.6.2 
Target VersionFixed in VersionSlicer 4.9.0 
Summary0004410: Changing master volume in SegmentEditor does not update edit-able FOV

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load 2 volumes with non-overlapping or partially overlapping FOV
  2. Create a new segmentation in Segment Editor, set first volume as master, edit.
  3. Change master volume to the second volume, try to edit - nothing is drawn.
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related to 0004308 resolvedpinter Add convenient GUI for changing segmentation labelmap geometry 




2017-08-07 13:49

developer   ~0015029

Observed in 4.7.0-2017-08-01 r26187 on Mac.



2017-08-07 14:15

developer   ~0015030

I think it's a "feature", or a lack of a feature if you will that changing the master doesn't affect the geometry, and the first master is still used.

As Andras wrote in an email correspondence (including you Andrey) a few months ago:
"Also, geometry of the segmentation doesn't change when you switch master volume, so changing the master volume has very little effect on the segmentation (it's really just changing that referenceImageGeometry, which is just a hint about where the segmentation node's geometry originates from)."

This will be a part of a major overhaul.



2017-08-07 14:22

developer   ~0015031

The context was somewhat different in that discussion you mentioned, and in any case I think it is good to document this in the bug tracker.

It it's a "feature", then it's a counter-intuitive one! IMHO, this is not obvious to the user. It probably would be helpful to do a quick check whether master volume FOV overlaps with the segmentation geometry, and if it doesn't - warn the user. Otherwise all that the user can see is that there is no effect in trying to paint on the slice, and it is not obvious what is the reason to this. Anyway, this is my perspective as a user.



2017-08-07 14:33

developer   ~0015032

I completely agree. I didn't want to defend the implementation, I just stated that it's a shortcoming we're aware of and will need to be addressed for sure.



2017-08-07 14:44

developer   ~0015033

Makes sense, thank you!



2018-06-20 18:52

developer   ~0015905

Segmentation labelmap geometry can be specified in a new widget. Hopefully it addresses this issue



2018-07-21 14:47

developer   ~0015926

Changes integrated in

Andrey, please assess whether this is a good solution for the issue. Thanks!

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